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Hometown Glory: Best Place to Be Today

Hometown Glory: Best Place to Be Today #lpblogcomp #bestplacetobetoday

seattle ferry gray sky

The view from the Seattle to Bainbridge Island Ferry

I’ve never been the sort of person who welcomes fall—I don’t have a Pinterest board devoted to its charms, I’ve never used #sweaterweather on an Instagram post, and I am ambivalent about the return of Pumpkin Spice Lattes at Starbucks. So, you’d think that today, the first day of fall in the northern hemisphere, would be a particularly sad one…

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Sweetness: My Way

photo(3)A couple months ago, as I eyed this basically abandoned blog, I told myself I would write an epic recap of my twenties on the last day of my twenties. Weeks went by, and now I’m here, staring at the thing that terrifies me most in the world—a blank Word document with a cursor, blinking at and taunting me. Every sentence I have started sounded like a terrible cliché—a series of sad tropes that…

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Bittersweetness: Dancing On My Own

Bittersweetness: Dancing On My Own

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetWith the big 3-0 now less than three months away, I’ve been taking a close look at my life so far, and where I wanted to go. In all the lists and goals I’ve made this year, I never once mentioned things I wanted to accomplish in my personal life—relationships with my family and friends, and, most difficult of all for me, my love life.

My love life is a romantic comedy come to life, only without…

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Sweetness: Pie Bar

Way back in January, when I kicked off my lifestyle change, I knew the biggest battle for me would be bidding adieu to dessert. For the first month, I skipped all sweets entirely, and then, afterwards, I made them a special occasion type deal—I wouldn’t eat dessert through sheer force of habit, and only when I really, really wanted something and when that something was extra special.


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The Best Show You Aren’t Watching: Call the Midwife

The Best Show You Aren’t Watching: #CalltheMidwife @PBS @KCTS9

Call the Midwife

Call the Midwife Cast (Source: PBS)

Up until I moved out of my mother’s house to go to college, I had a strict 30 minutes of television per week rule. There were a couple exceptions—I could watch anything and everything on PBS (I watched A LOT of Julia Child, Jacques Pepin, and Yan Can Cook as a kid) and as much of the news as my heart desired. The upshot to this was that I was a well-informed…

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Friday Five: Here Comes the Sun

Friday Five: Here Comes the Sun

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetAs a child, spring cleaning meant a trip to my grandma’s house to help her clean the baseboards, dust her beautiful tea service, and shine my Easter Sunday shoes into sparkling white submission. As an adult, spring cleaning has taken on a dual meaning–yes, definitely baseboard cleaning, but also taking time to overhaul my beauty routine for the change in seasons. I use spring as a primer for…

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NBCUniversal Shuts Down DailyCandy, Television Without Pity Websites

NBCUniversal Shuts Down DailyCandy, Television Without Pity Websites

So, so sad to hear about Daily Candy! One of my biggest inspos for this blog.

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Recipe for Success: Wardrobe Planning

Recipe for Success: Wardrobe Planning

photo(1)Spring is slowly unfurling its leaves here in Seattle–beautiful cherry blossoms providing technicolor relief from the rows and rows of evergreen trees, and an occasional burst of Vitamin D and warmth from the elusive sun mean that I will soon have to retire my trusty Spanx tights in favor of bare legs. Which means this is a great time to do a inventory of my closet, and get started on updating…

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Adventures in Shopping While Black

Adventures in Shopping While Black

When I first started shopping alone as a teenager, my mother cautioned me about how to behave–never carry too big a purse, don’t fiddle around in your purse, never linger too long, always keep your hands in plain sight. Why? Because some people will think that since you’re a black person, your first instinct at a store is to steal. Like most advice my mom doled out to me as a teenager, I filed it…

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The Bachelor Season Finale: Ees Not Okay

Decided to do a recap! Check it out: #TheBachelor Season Finale: Ees Not Okay

Juany Pabs, it's not okay.

Juany Pabs, it’s not okay.

“I can feel the cinnamon in my brain, like it’s frying or burning or something,” I shouted at friends at a bar this past weekend, to a smattering of laughs and also slightly worried faces. That is how I feel as I’ve watched this season of The brain feels vaguely entertained, but also fried, and like there might be lingering side effects from prolonged…

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